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Scammers Reported - Natalia Shurigina and Yuliya Sungurowa

Source: IMA-DATING: Free Dating Service For Singles Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Robert, thank you for your report, with your help we banned 2 scammers from our website. We keep fight with them. Please report us about any possible scam.

 Natalia Shurigina

Nicks: Natasha, Natalia Shurigina, Natalia2020, lariseren, Natashka7


IP address: or

Mari El profile, but says she is from "Cheboksary"

 Photo in IMA-DATING - now banned! Scam Reported here and in many other places.


 Yuliya Sungurowa

 Photo in IMA-DATING - now banned! Scam Reported here and in many other places.


Hello my  lovely!!!!

Excuse  me  my   loved  that  I might not write to you some time, but I

might   not  find  money  pay Internet - cafe. Excuse me, but I not  the

rich girl and for me was sometimes difficult to find funds to see  your

letters my loved. I so strongly missed your letters, but I think I  can

not  write to you soon again because I have no money for this  purpose.

I  only want to tell you that I very strongly love you and very  much I

want  that  once  we with you have met. I do not know  as me to find an

output  that  I might write to you letters more  often because my heart

is  broken  off  from a pain when I  long time can not write to you the

letter  my dear, I should so long  read your letters. Probably you have

an  opportunity  to  help  me with payment of Internet - cafe my lovely

because  so  we   with you can communicate withy my dear. I so strongly

love  you, I can  not live without you. I do not want that you sometime

left me because it will  be the biggest to mountain in my life and I do

not  know as I shall live  further if you leave me. Difficultly it will

not be possible to help for you  to me and to send 220 American dollars

that  I  might pay Internet  - cafe for one month and might communicate

with  you  so   frequently  as I want. If you may not help me with it I

shall  not  be offended on you my lovely. I only want to find an output

from this  situation. I love you I wait for your answer!!!

Your  Yulya!!!





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